Please select your parameters below to calculate the Ideal throughputs.

5G Theoritical Throughput Calculator
Calculator with practical constraints is also available via menu

In 5GNR the ideal throughput formula is obtained by multiplying the following
1. Modulation bits / symbol (8 for 256QAM, 6 for 64QAM) ,
2. Scaling Factor (from 0 to 1) In this calculator you can use it to introduce the DL/UL factor based on slot format as well as BLER of the scheduler to get a closer to practical limit ,
3. Max Coding Rate (from 3GPP MCS Index table) (948/1024 is the max) ,
4. Assigned PRBs (upto 273 for 30Khz on 100MHz bandwidth) ,
5. ( 12 / 10e-3 / (14 * 2^numerology)) which is basically the calculation for Sampling Time (Ts) ,
6. (1 - Overheads) where overheads are defined for each Frequency range and DL/UL direction ,
7. Number of layers which can be upto 8 for DL and 4 for UL on device level

An example can be seen in the 5G Cheat sheet as well (browse on the menu and select cheatsheet)