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About Pocket-5GNR Reference

This is v3.1 of a 5G NR related quick reference application. Please report any bugs / suggestions to Ali Asgher Mansoor Habiby

Updated: 2022-01-05
Bug in GNBID Calculator removed thanks to Jeffrey Struss
Bug in TA Calculator removed thanks to Nadine Bashiti
Frame Timings improved
Frame Offset added
R17.30 38.140 Updated
Added Link budget calculations
Updated until 38.104 2020-03
Added beamwidth calculator
Titles of pages modified
Added a NCI calculator
Major rework on menu item reduction
Implementation of Practical throughput calc
Workbox is now local to improve page load times
Added the first 5G NR quiz v1
Added max RB check for throughput calculation
Added more articles for 5G after author permission
Added mobility events for 5G
CCE calculation is now based on bandwidth + numerology
Workbox integrated with the app
Improved LightHouse scores
Menu integration changed
Landing page is not the throughput calculator anymore
Forced forms to render in english