5G Link budget calculator

Reading Guide

This calculator translates the receiver sensitivity parameters and the provided configurations for gNB/UE/System to obtain the Downlink and Uplink pathloss values for Cell Edge. It uses 3GPP UMa (Urban macro) and RMa (Rural Macro) models to compute these values.

Please note that in the Chart, the red line denotes the cell edge path loss for DOWNLINK. The green line shows the cell edge path loss for UPLINK.

Hence, the point where the green line coincides with the blue or orange chart, this is the distance of your cell edge. Distances are in meters.

In the current example setting, you will see a Downlink cell edge path loss of 139 which intersects the Urban model value at cell edge of 845 meters and Rural model value of 1645 meters.

Red Dotted Line = Porpagation Loss @ Downlink Cell Edge

Green Dotted Line = Porpagation Loss @ Uplink Cell Edge

System Parameters
gNB Parameters
UE Parameters
Loss Parameters